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I was shared a simple trick to make single name in your Facebook account From computer/pc, but what happened if you don’t have a computer/pc ¿¿ You cannot remove last name from your facebook profile ? No, you are wrong, You can remove the last name from your Facebook Profile & Create a single Name facebook account with below Steps. Also Know how to change facebook password Simple Follow below Simple steps for change your Facebook profille Last name to hidden and enjoy the Latest Single Name Facebook Account Without any  VPN or proxy.

 Make Single Name On Facebook Accounts 

Firstly open this link from here, which is very important –

2. Now, You will see basic facebook which is was used in our old mobile phones and now head up to the next step Scroll down and click on Settings & Privacy

3. Now click on the language look at the below screenshot so that you get the step easily

4. Now after clicking on language now, you will see three links in which click on Show Facebook In This Language and change the language of Facebook

5. Now choose Tamil as default language of your Facebook just for limited time

6. If you are using Google Chrome then it will ask you to translate the page you can translate the page so that you can easily understand what actually it has written

7. Now Click on settings and privacy again and click on General

8. Now After that click on the name and edit the name

9. Now remove the last name from your account in my case I have written my Surname as Gohil so remove it from Facebook

10. After removing your Last name click on Change Review. Like as given in the below screenshot

11. Now, Enter your Facebook password to save the changes

12. After that, you have successfully changed the name of your facebook profile now it is time to revert back to your old language that is English. Click on Language

13. Now, Click on Show Facebook In This Language and change the language of Facebook

14. Now change the language of Facebook to English as your default language and you’re all done

15. Now after changing language click on your profile and you will see single name on Facebook.

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